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Pecora medical illustration communicates medical and scientific processes through accurate, dynamic art and animations. Strategic thinking and efficiency surround each project to aid in the objective of the client - to educate, inform and inspire an audience through visuals.



Christina Pecora received a MS in Medical illustration from Augusta University. Prior to her medical illustration training she received a BFA in illustration and a certificate in medical illustration from California State University of Long Beach. 


She has worked as a graphic designer, printer, illustrator and anatomy supplemental and prosection instructor. During a four-month period she completed over 200 illustrations for the Dissection Manual of Human Anatomy by Mia Nobles. Christina has published numerous illustrations in parasitology journals.


Christina has won numerous awards in juried shows and is a member of the Association of Medical Illustrators. She works in a variety or traditional mediums and digital programs. She is passionate about illustrating complex biological subjects into comprehendible images while keeping the art of the hand alive in her pieces.


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