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Christina earned a BFA in Illustration and a Medical Illustration Certificate from California State University of Long Beach. While completing post-baccalaureate science courses she continued work as a graphic designer and illustrator. She worked prosecting for two years while overseeing a supplemental anatomy course and in conjunction with her collogue, published a prosection manual for the university. 

Christina earned her MS in Medical Illustration from Augusta University and moved back to the west coast to begin working at a new medical school that strives to support it’s community through creating doctors in an underserved minority area. While there, the university accepted their inaugural medical program cohorts which allowed her insight into start up culture and accreditation processes. She built an instructional infrastructure, training and created resources to support student learning and university initiatives and research. She worked with administration, teaching, and, clinical faculty to develop their instructional delivery and methods. While working as the Manager of Instructional Resources, she worked on initiatives to support university outcomes such as medical education, low-health literacy, and patient education initiatives, and constructed an internship that mentored instructional designers and medical illustrators to elevate their professional insight into the fields. 

Christina is a certified medical illustrator that strives to transform complex medical content into outcome oriented educational material to improve student, physician, educator and patient successes. 

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