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Pecora medical illustration creates professional and accurate illustrations that educate and inform through visuals. All projects are worked on directly with the client to achieve their communication objective. Project problem solving is clear and creative to achieve the client’s objective. We are dedicated to achieve beautiful and clear visual solutions by emphasizing aspects to aid in the client's story. Techniques include; Line, tone, simple color, complex color and 3D.


Please visit the Association of Medical Illustrators Client Guide for an in-depth guide on working with a medical illustrator. You may also download the information from the above website in a PDF format.  





complex COLOR


Client and project


Consultation with client to define the scope, deadline, budget, usage and style preference. 



Topic research is conducted to ensure accuracy and clarification is obtained from the client if necessary.


Concept sketch or storyboard

A rough sketch or storyboard of the entire series or animation is made and revisions are made with the client.


Final sketches or storyboard

Revisions are made from concept sketch and client approval is received before proceeding with the final product.


Final visualization

The work is incorporated into final layout or animations are completed and delivered.

  • How much do your services cost?
    Pricing is calculated based on several factors: - Deadline - Project complexity/scope (one image vs. animation, simple style vs. complex style ect..) - Size of artwork - Research needed - Availability of reference material - Market audience - Licensing rights needed - Where will you use the artwork? (website, lecture, journal ect.) - Revisions
  • What is your turn around time?
    This is dependent on the client's project budget and scope and is discussed during the consultation.
  • Can I use your art?
    Please contact us to discuss licensing and copyright options. All work is copyrighted. For more information on copyright please see here.
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